office coffee

How to Make Office Coffee Taste Better

There are very few offices around the world that don’t feature coffee as a crucial fuel to keep staff going.  Whether you are a once in the morning and once in the afternoon type or someone who is never far from a cup of your favourite, there is also a common fact about office coffee – it tastes terrible!  So what can you do to help make better coffee in your workplace?

Start with the basics

One of the simple facts about office coffee is that it uses mass-produced, bland coffee granules in its preparation.  And while these drinks do have the coffee taste and offer the caffeine boost that some crave, they are a bit lacking when compared to better quality products.

For smaller offices, one of the ideal things to do is to invest in a grinder and some whole beans.  There’s no comparison to the taste of freshly ground coffee and the whole set up doesn’t cost a fortune – simply get the coffee fans in the office to chip in together for the investment.

Office coffee machines

For bigger offices, then investing in office coffee machines can be an excellent way to go.  There are different types of commercial coffee machine that suit your requirements in terms of size, output and how easy they are to operate.

Bean to cup machines is a great option for larger offices that require a good amount of coffee each day while retaining that quick operation.  They are a single push button system that means staff aren’t taking ages to prepare each cup.  They also produce a good quality coffee that you will be happy to serve to business visitors.

Even smaller coffee machines that are typically designed for home use can be a great way to get better quality coffee.  These use pods to produce the coffee, usually, either one or two per cup and only take a few minutes to do.  They offer a higher quality drink and some are automatic so staff can set them up and come back a few minutes later for the finished product.

Consider water quality

Water quality isn’t something that merits much consideration in office buildings until you start talking about coffee.  The quality of the water going into the coffee can have a big impact on the taste of the end product.  So if the water in the office tastes strange, unpleasant or has a particular chemical hint to it, then this might be the cause of the poor coffee.

The simple solution is to invest in either a water filter system to clean the water and remove those weird chemicals or use distilled water.  The latter is probably better for smaller offices where demand is lower while a larger office could warrant a larger filter system to accommodate everyone’s needs.


One person’s heaven is another person’s dish water so finding the balance of better tasting coffee in your office might be a difficult thing to do.  Instead, focus on offering facilities that allow staff to please themselves and that way you may even see an increase in productivity from their coffee satisfaction!