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I’m Dominic, a.k.a The Dom and I love to add a bit of style to everything I do and love in life. 9 to 5 I work for an events company and as part of my role I get to organise the food and catering that come ad help out at our festivals, gigs and shows. It’s given me a really keen sense of the difference in the quality of products out there on the market. It’s also made me realise just how many unique and quirky culinary delights there are out there that I had never even really considers. Most of all, it led me to my love of coffee. When your face with a huge amount of supplier to choose from, it hits you that you really need to know your stuff if you’re going to make a great decision on a product that will both sell and will add that extra bit of style to your event. So I started doing my research, testing, tasting and basically becoming the coffee expert that I am today (I do try to be modest!). From this it branched out into becoming a real coffee enthusiast, I started taking an interest in the tools, the machines, the innovation, the history and the culture around coffee too and it’s really just a passion that has taken over me now. It’s not a bad passion to have mind you, I use it pretty much everyday, from picking my own coffee vendors, to my work and now to helping out others like you with tips, reviews and all the info you can possibly need about good old coffee.

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