Coffee Cocktails

As one of the most versatile commodities in the world, there is no wonder that some bright sparks decided to merge coffee with a touch of good old alcohol. Coffee cocktail recipes can be found in abundance now a days. Since around the 1980’s people in the UK have been gradually exploring further afield when it comes to their coffee. In those days a coffee at home would likely to be granulated and come with labels such as Maxwell House or Mellow Birds. With the rise of café culture more and more of us explored more than the old trusted household granules and started to experiment further with beans and blends after sampling the delights of coffee houses and bars as they rose in our cities.

It seems only right then that we should merge coffee culture with the British pub culture that we are so well known for, when it comes to coffee and booze though, it’s always better to do this with a touch of class. Mixology is where the wine and cocktail bars as well as plush restaurants can really add a touch of flavour and style to their bar menus, if done correctly offering some mouth-watering cocktail blends. Coffee Mixology brings you way more than just the trusted Espresso Martini or Irish Coffee so get your mixing hats on and look at a few recipes like the one above to get you going.